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Nudie Uno Ace T-Shirt

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Organic cotton
Selvage denim print
Pigment dye
Relaxed fit

This tee is made to match Steady Eddie II Dry Ace Selvage. It's crafted in a clean, cool jersey made with 100% organic cotton.

So, what about the print? The beautiful, sturdy, 14.2 oz, redcast selvage denim woven by Shinya Mills in Okayama, Japan. It is a recreation of a denim used for a pair of jeans from the 1950s. They were found at a vintage market, worn-in and utterly beautiful. In awe of the look, the good people at Shinya took it upon themselves to replicate the denim fabric. If you are looking for a 'top of the line' Japanese selvage that develops a marbling, salt 'n pepper structure like the best vintage denim did, then this is by all means it. This demin fabric is simply ace.