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Nudie Uno Snake Eyes/last one in xs

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Organic cotton
Selvage denim print
Pigment dye
Relaxed fit

This tee is made to match Tuff Tony Snake Eyes Selvage. It's crafted in a clean, cool jersey made with organic cotton. The beautiful, faded shade and vintage look is a result of the pigment-dyeing process and, on top of that, a garment stone wash. This gives the kind of lived-in outlook that we think goes so well with denim. The color will continue to fade as you wear and wash it.

So, what about the print? "Snake Eyes" is the outcome of rolling two dices and getting only one pip on each, the lowest possible roll.
Similarly, dry selvage denim jeans may be described as the most modest-looking of jeans, considering the craftsmanship behind them. The Snake Eyes Selvage is made by the selvage-powerhouse, Collect. A mill located in the legendary denim-town of Kojima in the Okayama Prefecture. The town from where the craftsmanship of Japanese jeans originated. Today Collect is one of Japan's most distinguished denim producers, a significant component in maintaining Japan's denim excellence. In its essence, Snake Eyes is a celebration of our own heritage and our endless love for the hidden beauty of Japanese selvage denim.