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Nudie Lean Dean

Slim fit jeans with a tapered leg made in beautiful natural indigo-dyed, 11.5 oz, organic comfort stretch denim. The denim has an open structure - open in the sense that the white weft yarns are clearly visible between the indigo warp yarns. The warp yarns have a slightly irregular thickness giving the denim a slightly slubby structure. Both of these aspects give the denim a tactile and aesthetic vintage feel. However, the most exciting aspect of the denim is that its warp yarns have been dyed in natural indigo. Extracted from the "Indigofera Tinctoria" plant, natural indigo is one of the world's most important historical natural dyes - the one dye that gave denim its blue color. As such, we are very excited to present the Lean Dean Dry Indigofera - a contemporary fit made in a vintage-like comfort stretch denim that incorporates a bit of denim history!

As with all dry denim, we recommend at least 6 months of daily wear before the first wash. This is, of course, only a recommendation. Washing earlier and more frequently also renders great results, but make sure to either hand wash or use a gentle washing machine cycle. As long as you take care of your jeans, they will, in turn, reward you with an evolving patina that very well might render the best looking washed jeans you will ever have.